Morning thoughts

Every Monday morning Team Beachbody airs a National Wake-up call for coaches which recognizes individuals who have earned significant success in the business. It also features an interview with an elite coach. I've really enjoyed listening to these individuals share their stories about how they got started with Beachbody and their motivation for pursuing the business. 

For many it started with a desire to lose weight or become more physically fit. But more often than not they were people who were feeling stuck and unhappy with some parts of their lives: career, health, family, money... And almost all of these individuals have a desire to not only help themselves feel strong, healthy and stable but also want others to feel the same way. 

Today's interview (ok - it was a podcast from last week's interview) really struck a chord with me. This woman worked in mental health and pharmaceutical sales for over a decade. She felt unhappy by the grueling hours and the demands placed on her time. She has a degree in Psychology and wanted to help people, which she thought she was doing by selling anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. She quickly realized she was only helping people mask symptoms and not find effective and natural ways to cope with, reduce and eliminate the source of the symptoms of these mental health issues. 

She quit her job and eventually started with Beachbody after already being a happy Shakeology drinker. She was able to address her own health goal of losing baby weight and also to feel like she was actually helping people who were struggling with health and wellness issues both physical and mental. 

Talk about a powerful "why." I'm in education because I believe wholeheartedly in the value of a college degree and more importantly in the learning that takes place in a classroom and in a community of scholars. I believe in Beachbody because despite its name, this company places significant value on the importance of leading a healthy life which starts when you prioritize your physical wellbeing through wholesome nutrition and exercise. As a Beachbody coach, you are encouraged to take this notion of committing to yourself a step further through engaging in personal development activities that make you a more well rounded human. 

This is what I strive to be: a well rounded and balanced person. Someone who loves more and who can embrace the chaos that life sometimes presents with strength, compassion and grace. Some days it feels so hard. But today I feel like it's possible because I got out of bed, powered through a tough workout, spent extra time with my kids this morning even if it meant changing up our morning routine, and then listening to a great podcast that made me want to reach out and help people today in both of my jobs. 

Sun is shining, spring is ALMOST here, and I can do this. 


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