Photo Shoot!

I had some photos done recently by a student at the college. I prefer outdoor photo shoots (as does she) but I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out! Although I'm so pasty that my arms blend into the white background - ha!

In this age of social media and image, it's important to hire a photographer for photos that you want to use on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Casual selfies are great for daily posts. But hire a professional - or even an amatuer with a decent camera - especially if image is part of your business. Actually, doesn't even matter. If you are on LinkedIn and you have a profile picture, do not use a blurry selfie. Hire a student photographer who will usually charge less and will offer far better quality that what you can capture on your own.

Both in my Beachbody business and in my professional college admissions day job, I find myself needing professional headshots on a regular basis. I also find myself asking others for headshots to use in email and web communications. It's amazing how few people have nice photos of themselves. 

Don't be shy in front of the camera. You are beautiful. You are smart, intelligent and capable.  You are powerful. And if you don't feel all of these things, let's chat. Inner strength, physical strength, and outer confidence are all so intertwined and I can help you with all of these things!


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