Failing to Plan

Lately I've noticed this trend of friends saying things like, "Yeah I want to work out and lose weight and feel better but I don't want someone to tell me how to do it." Or, "I don't want to follow a strict plan." Or, "I will just come up with my own plan."

Really? Will you?

I don't know - maybe you will. I mean I guess I did. It was crazy hard. And I'm a routine driven Type-A. But maybe you are too and you will be just fine.

But why go through all the work to come up with your own plan when there are programs out there - designed by trainers - that are intentional about working different muscle groups and providing active recovery??? It's so much easier to just look at the plan that has already been created. And if you stick to it, it will work.

And there are similar comments about diet. "I follow a [enter diet here] except I modify every part of it." "I don't need to follow a plan I'll just eat healthier." "I'm doing low-carb so I don't need to worry about anything else." 

Again - I've been there. I've counted the calories. I've learned how to eat healthy. And I'M STILL LEARNING! I think that it's ok to stray from the plan sometimes. But boy I sure do feel better when I'm actually sticking with it. I'm a foodie and I don't want to eat packaged food and I want to be able to have some say over the foods I'm eating. However, if there is a plan that helps me to easily determine the type and quantity of food that I'm eating daily, WHY MESS WITH IT?

The bottom line is that to be successful in creating a healthy lifestyle, whether improving nutrition, losing weight, gaining strength, building endurance... MUST BE CONSISTENT. And what better way to ensure that you are being consistent? FOLLOW A PLAN.

Beachbody has tons of fitness plans. There are loads of great recipes on their blog. And I've got a couple amazing support networks to help you stay accountable. Comment below or email me for more info!


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