Kale Cubes

Frozen cubes of fruit and veggies are good for more than just baby food. I really like adding a cube or 2 of frozen greens to my shakes. It has little impact on taste and texture, and great impact on nutrients! I recently added a cube of pureed carrot to a pineapple and vanilla Shakeology shake and it was delicious.

In case you didn't do the frozen cubes of a food for your babies, here's a quick tutorial using Kale. I bought a big bunch at the store.

First step: rip the leaves of the stem, rinse and put in a blender or food processor. Add a little water (I used boiling water to soften the leaves a smidge).

Pour/scrape the pureed kale into ice cube trays. Pour water of the the top if you didn't add much water to the processor.

Freeze. Then pop out of the tray and keep in a freezer bag. Pull a few out whenever you need them.

A couple notes:
  • Don't get fancy a buy an expensive baby food maker. Use what you've already got. 
  • You'll want to cook hard foods like carrots so that they blend better. Especially if you're using for actual baby food!
    • Although if your plan is to use in blended shakes, it might not matter if it's super smooth the first time around.
  • Steaming (versus boiling) means that less of the nutrients will be leached in the water. HOWEVER - if you plan to use the water to soften the puree, then go ahead and boil.


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