12 weeks

Well, I'm almost through my first trimester and getting incredibly anxious about hearing the heartbeat at my next appointment.  The first appointment did quite a bit to ease my worries, but not hearing the heartbeat and not getting an ultrasound still leaves me a little uneasy.  I know that since the dawn of humanity, women have not had the technology to hear heartbeats and see their babies before birth, so I should just chill out.  But it's hard being on message boards and knowing people who at this point have had if not one, then multiple ultrasounds and can rest easy.  I, meanwhile, am just waiting.

I'm incredibly lucky to have had a pretty easy first trimester.  Apart from being cranky and tired, I for the most part felt ok.  Although, I didn't really realize how much I had lost my appetite until it returned last weekend with a vengeance!  I've spent the last week on my first out of town trip for the fall, and was so relieved that I started feeling better just in time for 6 flights, lots of talking and being on my feet, and late hours. 

Despite lack of technological proof of pregnancy, I keep reminding myself that not once have I had even so much as spotting since June and I have a now rapidly expanding waistline.  In the last week, I've gained 2.5 lbs; I'm going to blame some of that on a week of restaurant eating and one of the least appealing side effects of pregnancy: sloooooow digestion.  Oh yeah, and I haven't exercised as much since I don't have walking the dog as a built in excuse to get my butt in gear.  And, since week 7, I've also added 2.5 inches around my waist (and I have a sneaking suspicion the hips are wider, too, since pants are getting TIGHT).  So now I've officially entered the "is she pregnant or just getting chubby?" stage of pregnancy.  And I'm outgrowing my clothes, but am still too small for giant pregnancy pants. 

One more week, and hopefully I'll hear the whoosh whoosh whooshing that all my mom friends tell me is the greatest sound in the world.  And then I can go totally public with this information since I'll finally be able to tell my boss!


  1. hill, you're great. and will be a great mom (not just because you are a great organizer, which will be good b/c routines are good for kids) because you are creative and active and will be excited to help your kid grow. and i say that as someone with no kids and no plans for one. :)

  2. Love hearing the update, can't wait to hear that you have heard the heartbeat!



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