Greg's party

I was out-ed last Saturday a friend's party.  The downside of hanging with the dudes because you're a woman who likes beer is that when you're suddenly not drinking beer at a party specifically to celebrate the purchase of a keg of Short's Huma, it becomes painfully obvious that something is up.  And so a few more people know of our exciting news.

Regardless, the party was a good time - Cooper did lots of exploring in the yard.  Although he does not play with other dogs.  He likes other dogs, but he doesn't play.  August (Greg's dog) would start running and then bound towards Cooper.  Coop would cower like a little wimp - at one point he actually hid under the table.  What a goof!

Coop just hopped right up!

Oh yeah - and I made a FANTASTIC cake!!!  And boy am I glad I did.  Everyone brought some sort of chip and dip (seriously - we had more chips than we could ever possibly eat at one event).  Buttermilk Cake with Mascarpone Cream and Berries = delicious.


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