Labor Day weekend

Ok - the weekend is only half over, but all we're doing is relaxing for the rest of the weekend, so there may not be photos.

Friday night we both rushed home to get fancied up for a wedding at the B.O.B in downtown Grand Rapids.  It was much cooler out than expected so I made an emergency run to Target to find a sweater to go over my dress.  Usually I have no luck with emergency purchases - this time I got EXACTLY what I needed.  Thank goodness - even though the wedding was inside, it was COLD!  The wedding was ok - not great.  It looked really nice, well decorated, cool space - but it started late since it was on a Friday.  We opted out of the ceremony (which was a full Catholic mass), but it meant not eating dinner until 8:00!  The food was really good, though.  We sat through some very sweet but uncomfortable toasts (nervous laughter from 2 and sobbing from 1), and had to watch a slide show of the couple.  When we left at 9:30, dancing wasn't even close to starting - assuming there was going to be dancing at all - we didn't see a dance floor.  While it's fun to dress up because of the photo ops, all in all, it made Jeff and I really glad we had such a small no frills wedding. 

We clean up pretty nice!

Saturday was the start of football season (and our turn to host the tailgate), which mean leaving our house at 5:30 am!!  Ridiculous, you say?  Yes, it is.  But in all fairness, we park for FREE at this really awesome park.  If you want parking next to the park (which, when you're hosting the tailgate and have a car full of stuff, you want easy access to your car), you really have to be there no later than 8am.  Subtract 2 + hours drive and that means on the road at 5:30 am.  It was a very unseasonably cool day - normally the first game is sweltering.  Saturday saw a high of 65 degrees!  I made it through the day with just one short nap in the car before lunch (although I'm totally out of it today).  When everyone left for the game (I gave up my ticket to a friend), Cooper and I headed to Saline to visit Aunt Char.  She forgot to tell me that it was canning week and Saturday was corn day!  I roll up to the house only to be greeted by a group of people husking corn - my cousin's daughter informed me that I was just in time to help.  I was planning to tell Aunt Char the good news, but didn't feel like making the announcement to the whole group - another time.  I spent the afternoon slicing and containering corn which was totally fine (plus, I got 4 bags of corn for my freezer out of the deal). 

Cooper, the tailgate hound

Looking at Marsha with pleading eyes

Cooper found a stick to keep himself occupied

Family photo :)


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