13 weeks

So I'm a little behind in getting this blog posted - it's been a whirlwind week!

Monday at 8:00 we had our appointment with our actual OB, Dr. Mathis.  She was very congratulatory and happy for us.  The nurse brought me into the room and put the doppler on my belly as I held my breath in nervous anticipation.  It took her a couple seconds to find the right place and then there it was: a heartbeat!!!  And not like last time where there was a heartbeat that may or may not have been the baby's.  This was definitely the baby's at a strong 156 beats per minute.  We were all smiles (well, I was smiles and tears).

When Dr. Mathis came in, she measured my stomach to get a baseline reading (though it's not really baseline since I'm definitely bigger than I was when this all started).  Anyways, then she asked me if I was having any pains.  I explained that I've been achy, especially if I've been walking a lot.  She said, well, aches are pains, so perhaps we should get an ultrasound.  And since we're doing an ultrasound for your pain, we should just bill it to your insurance.  Yep - this is why I like my doctor.  She's young, she's energetic, she's really personable, she's clearly knowledgeable, and she knows how to stick it to the man!

Because I was leaving for the week the very next morning, she was nice enough to get us in for a quick ultrasound right then.  Even though I've been reading all the baby books and know that the baby actually looks like a baby now, I wasn't expecting what we saw on the ultrasound monitor, which was a little baby.  Seriously, it was clear as day (ok, maybe not THAT clear - clear as a cloudy day perhaps).  There was a little baby and it was even kicking and moving!  SOOOOO amazing.  I know that it finally became "real" for Jeff and even for me.  Sadly, I don't have a digital copy of the ultrasound, because I'd love to share it.

Anyways, since Monday I've been in Chicago and Saint Louis for work and have been BUSY.  I'm totally and utterly exhausted and trying not to get sick.  Sadly I feel it may be inevitable because I'm just plain worn out.  Ugh - I have 3 more weeks of travel left.

Here are pictures from Monday morning before my appointment - I swear I'm even bigger now:


  1. Ahh, look at your cute baby belly!!!!! I'm going to freak out about how adorably preggers you are the next time I see you! xoxoxo


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