Thoughts on Maternity Clothes

I accidentally posted this on my Beer Blog, which seems like a VERY inappropriate place for this discussion:

I'm now making the transition from regular clothes to maternity clothes. It's both exciting and terrifying. I have some thoughts about this whole new world of fashion:

Maternity clothes in general make you look MORE pregnant. Especially maternity shirts. Throw one of those on, and suddenly its like a neon sign pointing at your belly. Which is awesome, mostly. But I'm not quite at maternity shirt stage yet (though button up shirts are now pretty much out of the question).

Maternity pants are apparently designed with my body in mind. Seriously - I have 3 pairs now (and have only taken the tags off of one pair), but they all fit so well AND have a big stretchy waist. It's awesome! Although, maternity pants generally require maternity shirts, or at least shirts that cover the big stretchy belly band.

Speaking of belly bands - what a nice way to extend use out of your old pants! Although I find myself constantly pulling at it so it stays around my unbuttoned waistband so I don't suddenly and inappropriately reveal said unbuttoned pants.

Maternity tights, however, are a HUGE disappointment. Maybe it's just the pair I have, but I had such high hopes, but I've found the same issue with maternity tights that I have with regular tights: tight, rolling waistband. Although, maternity tights require that the waistband is actually way up on your rib cage, so the tight rolling band doesn't dig into your belly fat, but does squeeze the rib cage a bit. I just don't understand why tight manufacturers can't solve this dilemma! I mean, the stretchy belly of the maternity pants and the belly band are made of very similar material as tights and are about the same thickness. Those dont squeeze OR roll, so why must tights be so awful?

I would also like to point out that for the number of women who give birth to children (and therefore need to buy maternity clothes) there is a shocking LACK of selection in maternity wear and very limited number of places one can buy clothes. My big question, why doesn't TJ Maxx/Marshalls carry maternity clothes?


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