travel and pregnancy = TIRED!!!!

This fall is exhausting.  Travel season is always tiring, but the addition of pregnancy is making me especially exhausted.  Moreover, my schedule is pretty jam packed, between high school visits on opposite sides of town, driving across town, interviews and fairs, there is little down time.  I've been getting up at regular time in the morning and working out, just trying to keep a routine and get some endorphins going early in the morning. 

I forgot my camera, so I can't put up a belly shot, but rest assured, it's getting bigger.  In fact, my couple pairs of "fat" pants are SO tight.  They won't be button-able in the VERY near future.  And I'm discovering all these things that are apparently common in pregnancy, but no one talks about them!  Such as - bloody noses.  I always have congestion issues when I stay in hotels, but this is ridiculous.  And RAGING headaches.  Like really bad headaches that not even food helps.  I invested in some Badger Stress Soother balm to rub on my temples; I'm hoping for a miracle!  I'm getting vein-y, which is less than attractive.  And my belly itches because of the stretching.  Why we focus on morning sickness as the only pregnancy symptom is beyond me!

But - I can feel what I think is my uterus now as it has risen above my pelvis.  That's pretty exciting!  And I've started talking to the baby - not feeling it move yet, I don't think.  Although last week I felt this strange "pop pop" that MAY have been the baby.  And today I felt almost like there was some rolling in my abdomen when I was telling the baby that it's going to be beautiful.  But maybe I was imagining it. 

Anyways - if nothing else, I'm sleeping ok in hotels because I'm so damned tired, so there is something good about the less than pleasant pregnancy symptoms.


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