17 weeks

Today we had another appointment.  As Jeff commented afterwards, "We didn't learn anything new."  But, we DID get to hear the heartbeat: a strong 148 beats per minute.  The doctor also confirmed that I'm measuring right as I should be.  So I suppose no news is good news.  I'm gaining what I hope is the appropriate weight, even though pretty much everyone's response to my news is, "but you don't LOOK pregnant."  It's had me a bit freaked out that I'm not looking the way I'm supposed to look.  But today I was looking at photos on babycenter.com and realizing how different every woman looks.  My friend, Jess, pointed out that if I looked bigger, people would be assuming I'm further along than I am.  We were remarking on people's general insensitivity.  Anyways, I shouldn't be worried that I'm too small, and also complaining because literally none of my pants will fit with the exception of the stretchy cotton ones.  Here's some proof that I do indeed have a belly:


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