6 month check-up

Graham has his 6 month well-baby check up today.  As per usual, he was charming all the ladies in the office and everyone was commenting on how cute (and how big) he is!  He's a little less big than he was - he's back ON the charts now.

Weight: 20 lbs 6.5 oz (90th percentile)
Height: 28.5 inches (95th percentile)
Head: I didn't catch the number but still 75th percentile

He's right on track developmentally; he's sitting up on his own for extended periods of time, rolling both ways, babbling, grabbing multiple toys, transferring objects from hand to hand, and scooting.  He's not pulling up quite yet or getting himself to sitting.  And he doesn't always respond to his name, but we're working on it.  All in all, he's a healthy baby (except for this stupid lingering cold) and there is no cause for concern about his development.

He had to get shots again but he was such a trooper.  He only cried for a moment and then calmed right down.  I nursed him in the office and he was sound asleep within minutes.  I got his jacket on, got him in the car, got him out of the car and into daycare and then into his crib without him so much as flinching.  It's hard work going to the doctor!

Here's a video from this weekend:


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