Kalamazoo Homecoming

This Saturday was Kalamazoo's homecoming.  Since I've taken over our Alumni Admission Volunteer program, I spent the morning at the registration table with my AAV postcards, hoping to convince some alumni to help out the Admission Office.  I originally signed up to run the 5K in the morning, but the thought of getting to campus before 8 was stressing me out.  Granted, Graham isn't sleeping that late in the morning, but what if he did?  I just didn't want to lose time with him.  So, I bailed on the run and feel like a slacker, but oh well.  Jeff and Graham actually ended up coming with me because I decided Homecoming is about fun, friends and family, which meant I could bring Graham with me to the registration table and Jeff could get some of his work done in my office.  Well, Graham was just the perfect little baby and lots of people stopped to see him (though not many signed up for my program).

Then he took a nap in daddy's lap so he could rest up for the big homecoming game at Waldo Stadium (K's stadium is under construction).  Sadly our team got their butts kicked by a far superior Adrian team, but all of us fans had a good time.  It was nice hanging out with some of my coworkers and seeing the whole Fowle clan.  It was no UM game, but Jeff was pretty excited to take his son to his first football game.

On the walk back, we passed by Dairy Queen and of course had to stop and get a couple blizzards, which we then ate in the car.

All in all it was a great family day!  But we were all pretty exhausted when we got home and had a little bit of a rough night with frequent awakenings.  I think Graham was just a little too jazzed from his big day in Kalamazoo.  Oh well - I just loved spending the time with him!


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