Sad Hound

Cooper is definitely starting to realize that he is no longer the baby.  He's very whiny and clingy lately, insisting upon squeezing in between us and Graham or getting as close to us as possible.  It's very sweet, but kind of annoying.

Now he's sad and he's smelly because he was sprayed by a skunk in our yard on Thursday morning.  I've learned that this is the remedy for deskunking a dog: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide + 1/4 cup baking soda + 1 teaspoon dish soap.  Of course I didn't have hydrogen peroxide when he was sprayed at 6:15 in the morning as we were trying to go to work.  So we doused him in dog shampoo, then baking soda and then some tomato juice.  It did take away a lot of the stink, but not all.  I've since bathed him in the peroxide mixture and he's better.  His nose is still a little smelly, but it's hard to clean his face while avoiding his eyes.

Poor basset - its apparently hard to be Cooper. 


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