Art Prize 2011

On Sunday, Jeff, Graham and I met our friends Kate and Paul Yancho in downtown GR for Art Prize.  It was a gorgeous fall day, though it started out a little chilly.  Here's Graham in the wee hours of the morning all bundled up for his walk with Cooper - first time in winter gear!

It warmed up enough that we didn't have to put the suit on Graham when we were in town.  And since it was a nice (though cool) day, we brought Cooper since it was cool enough to leave him in the car while we ate lunch.  Graham was SUCH a good boy the whole time.  He dozed off for the little while then woke up before lunch.  He was great in the restaurant, just sat in his stroller while we ate - perhaps a first!  Then he made smiley faces at Kate.  Such a flirt.

We didn't see a ton of art, though we definitely saw our fair share since it's EVERYWHERE!  I don't think it's a juried competition.  Well, the public votes on entries and a panel of judges pick the winner from the top 10 decided on by the public.  But I don't think there's much in the way of judgment to enter a piece in Art Prize, because there sure was some crappy art in the midst of some good things.  I have a feeling that every year the winner will be a big piece because that seems to draw people's attention.  We attempted to scout out the top 10, but only made it to a few before getting hungry.  This was one of them - wooden bears in a fountain.  I thought they were cute.  $250,000 cute?  I don't know.  They were certainly better than the really creepy lifesize model of GR Ford admiring a bust of GR Ford.  In any other competition, that would NEVER make it to top 10.  But people around here worship Ford, so I guess it goes without saying that they'd like anything to do with his visage.  Ultimately, Art Prize is pretty cool and it's great to see so many people in downtown GR!


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