Cooking and work parties

So, I'm totally ok with not winning our work chili cook-off.  Mostly.  There were a couple chilis that were really tasty, and I don't mind losing to food that is actually better than mine.  But the one that won was super bland.  In all the years I've entered food into contests at work, I've yet to win.  Maybe I'm just deluded in thinking I'm a better cook than I actually am.  But I've decided that I have better, more sophisticated taste than a lot of my Midwestern counterparts. (Yes, I'm trying to make myself feel a little better about never winning at something I thought I was good at.)

Oh yeah, and a boat load of people who did not sign up to bring food suddenly showed up with dessert.  So the tasty brownies I stayed up to make did not get eaten, which annoyed me greatly. As much as I love cooking and I often show my love with food, I'm getting really tired of making food for people who either don't appreciate it or aren't willing to reciprocate with anything in return (realizing that many people can't cook, but the people who aren't willing to make ANY effort to even buy stuff is just ridiculous).

Sorry this is kind of a rant - it's just kind of the mood I'm in.


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