Dogs and Babies playing in harmony

Graham has become very interested in Cooper these days.  He laughs and laughs whenever Cooper runs by him.  When we were in the car the other day, Cooper was whining and carrying-on (as per usual) and Graham was in stitches, he thought it was so funny.  I wish I got a video of this, but the other day when Graham had Cooper's bone (which he is wont to do), Cooper came over and very gently grabbed the other in and and pulled it out of his hand.  I guess he just had enough of Graham taking his toys.  Unlike when we take a toy from Graham, he didn't cry when Cooper took it; rather he thought it was pretty funny.

My dad bought me a nice new sauce pot and we left the box on a stool where it was accessible to little hands.  Graham of course discovered this right away.  Cooper loves cardboard so when he saw Graham with a box, he had to get in on the action.

Here's a bonus video of my little explorer - he's gotten quite mobile!


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