Thoughts about being a working mom

....who is especially busy in December:

  • People get shitty Christmas gifts because I'm too busy to buy anything thoughtful.
  • My son doesn't get to see Santa Claus.
  • My son doesn't get presents (except for some lame ass books I bought hurriedly over my lunch hour)
Other thoughts related to being a working mom who is married to someone who hates his job and is way overworked as well:
  • One of us is always working on the weekend.
  • Therefore any thoughts I might have had about training for a half marathon I think can effectively be put to rest.
  • I HATE my commute.
  • The time I have at home which should be spent with my son is spent:
    • cooking for my family,
    • cleaning (HA - not really - my house is the pits)
    • unfucking Skype (which has decided to no longer work)
    • cooking for really sub-par work "celebrations"
    • working
    • blogging while my son is screaming because he's too tired to nap
    • doing laundry
    • buying groceries
    • running other miscellaneous errands
  • After Graham goes to bed, I am also doing one of the above items on the list.
  • My husband and I never talk to each other anymore because I'm always doing one of the things listed above and he's watching sports (or doing dishes or working, to be fair).
I am a serious Debbie Downer right now and I know it.  I love my son - he is the cutest thing in the whole wide world.  He's keeping me busy because he is a smart, curious, active little explorer.  I like my job.  I love my husband.  But something has got to give.  I think we both just need a break.


  1. Oh hon, I can relate. Have faith--the first year is a crazy adjustment. It DOES get better. And in a few days you will have a break. LOVE YOU!!!!


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