A Peaceful Reminder

A couple weekends ago, Graham escaped from his crib.  We had yet to lower it and kept saying to each other, now that he's sitting, we should lower this.  Well, we didn't and one Saturday morning he apparently got out when I was in the shower.  It scared the crap out of me to walk into his room and find him laying face down in the doorway.  In a mere few seconds I had multiple thoughts run through my brain.
First thought: What the?
Second thought: Holy crap he's not moving he's paralyzed!!! 
Third thought: No, he's moving and he clearly managed to get to doorway from the crib so he's not paralyzed. 
Fourth thought (after picking him up): He must be fine because he's not crying.
Fifth thought: Why the hell didn't we lower the crib last week?

Jeff was out of town on this day and after struggling with the crib for a good hour plus and not being able to get it screwed back in by myself (I did it myself the next day with the help of a little elbow grease and a hammer) and with the pack n' play being in Jeff's car, I had to "put Graham to bed" on a blanket in the living room.  My plan that evening was to do a little work and watch a chick flick on TV, but sometimes plans change.  Actually, I ended up talking to my good friend, Megan (who is a working mom of a 1 year old), for a while that evening, which was actually much needed.

More importantly, I got to watch my son (and hound dog) sleep in the glow of the lights of the Christmas tree.  I just revisited these photos which served a reminder that life really is good and that I am so incredibly grateful to have this amazing little boy in my life.  I also have a wonderful family and some fantastic friends who are a constant source of both sympathy and empathy during those times that I'm feeling pulled in too many different directions.

Peace.  Peace.  Peace.


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