8-9 months

Graham is such an active little boy.  He's very social and likes being out and about.  He loves daycare.  I drop him off every morning and he just can't wait to get to the toys.  We get reports everyday that he and his buddies Kayleigh, Caden and Lucas just play up a storm.  Now that they're all crawling, they like to follow each other under and around the cribs, which makes them laugh.  How cute!  The other day I picked him up a little early and the other 3 were still there.  They all came crawling over to me and then hovered by the gate in the doorway while we walked away.  I never knew that babies at such a young age would have friends!

Graham LOVES Cooper and laughs every time he seems him.  Here's a video of Graham laughing at Cooper (and Cooper not quite reciprocating the feeling):

We had our first "big" snow.  None of us were thrilled, but we had to take a few pictures anyways.

This video shows Graham playing with his ball.  Before I turned the camera on he was actually throwing it (and then laughing) as opposed to just letting it drop.  The video does illustrate that Graham sticks his tongue out while concentrating - a pretty new development.

I'll end with a few sets of photos.  A few with me at Founders.  A few playing around with Jeff.


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