9 month update

Graham had his 9 month well-baby appointment on Tuesday, and once again it was confirmed that he is indeed a well-baby.  It also confirmed that there is something about my doctor that just annoys me.  I think it's because she says everything with a sweet, yet slightly condescending, tone in her voice.  Those who know me know that I don't like to be patronized.  Unfortunately I don't think I always come across as the most confident or intelligent when I'm in the doctor's office;  there is something about being a concerned first-time mom that turns an otherwise smart woman into a bit of a blabbering ninny.  However that does not justify her attitude.  I feel like Graham is getting perfectly good care, but I might look into a doctor who I feel like respects me as the mother.

Anyways, Graham's growth has slowed down, which is pretty normal.  Although his curve is a slightly different from the normal growth curve because he had such marked rapid growth so early on.  The doctor hinted at some minor concern (again, a reason not to like her - if it's not really a concern, don't mention it) that his head growth is slowing and his soft spot is closing a bit early.  The idea that his brain might not have room to grow has me a bit freaked out - I'm not going to lie.  His head is still well in the normal size (just above 50th %), but the growth pattern has slowed.  He weighs 23 lbs 3 oz (I think my scale at home weighs a little heavy) which puts him in the 82% and he's 29 inches, which puts him in the 62%.  I feel like he's bigger than that because we're now in 12-18 month clothes, though we have to roll up his pants.  

Just this week he's started pulling himself up to standing, which is equally cute and terrifying (I'm not ready for walking)!  He has 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom), he's making lots of sounds (dadadada gets said a lot but no mama yet), he thinks Cooper is hilarious, he laughs whenever we walk up or down stairs, he's getting very clingy especially when he's tired, he loves books, he doesn't seem to care too much for stuffed animals but rather likes hard plastic toys especially if they make noise and he has a weird fascination with opening and closing doors.  He's weird about food textures, but is generally a good eater.  It's just so fun to see his little personality develop and I can't wait for what's next (though I try to savor the present stage that he's in since it doesn't last long).  I seriously love this kid!


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