Thoughts on baby gear - part 3

When it comes to feeding accessories, here are my thoughts:

Get one type of bottle - there will be less part confusion.  We have Born Free and Avent.  I think I like the Avent more.  Graham doesn't seem to care.  Then when you switched to sippy cups, you can stick with the same brand.  Get a variety of sizes, though.  Small are fine until about 6 months.  Then you'll need the bigger 9 ounce bottles.

Skip the special baby food freezer trays.  Sure, it sounds convenient to be able to freeze the food in a little container that can just be taken out of the freezer and microwaved.  But these don't allow you to freeze as much food because they are usually smaller than an ice cube tray in volume (but take up more space in your freezer), you can only do one batch of food at a time until it's gone and your little containers are empty, and they are significantly more expensive.  Buy yourself 2 to 4 regular old ice cube trays, which cost like a dollar fift.  I bought 2 in a color (so I paid ever so slightly more than buying white trays) but then I can distinguish between baby food and ice cubes.  Then buy freezer baggies, which are reusable. 

Just get small tupperware for packing food.  I did buy some special baby tupperware things and I wish I hadn't.  They were more expensive than your run of the mill rubbermaid food storage containers and they don't stack well.  And now they are almost too small for the amount of food Graham eats.  I think I'll be buying some of the half pint and pint sized tupperware for him to use in the future.

Get lots of baby spoons.  You'll need them.  Especially if you have a dog who will chew on them if they are dropped from a high chair.

Get lots of bibs.  Not only will you use them for feeding, but also for all of the drool that will be a constant presence out of your baby's mouth (especially when teething).  Buy the ones you put on over the head.  the Velcro ones are easy to pull off if you have a strong baby.


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