Moving back to the homeland

I think it's safe to say that my parents are moving back to Michigan!  They always knew they'd wind up here someday, though I think they thought it would still be a few more years and that they'd settle in the Ann Arbor area.  But with Graham's arrival, with our living on the West side, with my parents' job situations being less than ideal, and with Nate moving out to Portland, the timing just seemed right.  They officially sold their house yesterday (it's all closed and now they're "renters" for the next month or so).  Last weekend they put an offer on a home in the Heritage Hill neighborhood of Grand Rapids, and it was accepted!  It's a gorgeous, century old 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home that has been nicely updated and maintained.

Once they get all moved in, we'll post some pictures with their furniture.  I'm really looking forward to having  family so close!!!  Now when I want company at the spur of the moment on the weekend, chances are good I can just call my mom to hang out!  I love my friends, but they have busy lives of their own with lots of other friends and family commitments on the weekends.  I'm excited!


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