The terrible 10 months?

I thought temper tantrums started in toddlerhood, but apparently they start much earlier.  This week, Graham has started throwing some little fits when he doesn't get his way.  Tonight I tried to move him out of the cupboard and he flopped himself face down on the kitchen floor, screeched and started kicking his legs.  Jeff and I just looked at each other and sighed.  Shortly after, he was pounding on the cable box, I told him no and he laughed at me.  I then pulled him away from the entertainment center and he thought it was a game and laughed even harder.  I had to turn my head and laugh so he couldn't see me (because it was simultaneous super cute that he was laughing and frustrating that my son thinks my discipline is a joke), and then turn back with my stern face.  Oh boy are we in for a run for our money.  He's certainly got a mind of his own and is already expressing his strong opinion, like screeching at dinner when I'm not feeding him fast enough, but refusing to eat most of the finger food I put in front of him.

But he's just so damned cute!  And this week he's also discovered how to play peek a boo, which he does with blankets, shirts, and anything else you hand to him.  He thinks it's hilarious and laughs with these big guffaws.  Here's my little man being silly:


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