Graham turns 2!

I didn't feel this way during the infant stage, but boy does time fly.  I can't believe Graham is TWO!  He's such a funny boy.  He has very strong opinions and he wants what he wants (or doesn't want).  But he's also getting sweeter and lovier as he gets older.  He's a clever boy, and figures things out very quickly.  He's also saying more and more words (though most people don't understand the words because they're not very articulate).  

He's a big boy, still, though not quite as big as what the doctors said.  He has decided that he hates the doctors and kicked and screamed through the whole exam.  They weighed him at 32 lbs (89%) and 37.5 inches (97%).  The weight is right, but his height is more like 36ish inches.  Still big, but not as huge.  

For his birthday, we invited the grandparents over and had a nice, low-key afternoon.

Eating an "appey"

Graham got really into the present opening.  Even since Christmas, it's like he has more of an understanding of the whole process.  Here's a cute video of him excited by the present from Grandma Pat and GrandDoug.

A Hat!

Awesome shirt from Aunt Erin

My little artist (he made those swirls)

Marsha and Harold got him this really cool balance bike, which he loves.  He still hasn't quite figured it out, but he likes it.  Check out his reaction!
The cool balance bike from Grandma Marsha and Papa Harold

From Rita Girls Bakery in GR - which my mom discovered

 He knew he wanted that cake, but he wasn't quite so sure about the candles.

Papa Harold decided Graham needed help with his slice
This sums up how we all felt at the end of the day


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