The 08-09 season comes to a close

What season is ending now? A TV show season? A sports season? No. The 2008-09 recruiting season! I finished my LAST program today. Hooray!! I've been counting down until May 22nd, the day of Camp College, and the last program for which I have been involved in planning. Now, I'm not counting our computer training next week, for which I am creating the manual. That only involves my coworkers and not high school students. Today's Camp College went well, very well save for some slightly lengthy sessions. But for all the Bob Evan's planning meetings and last minute registrations, it was remarkably smooth. And done just in time for a long (and well-deserved) holiday weekend.

Now what am I going to do with all of my newfound time at work? Use up the rest of my vacation days which I have to do by the end of June. Apart from that, I have no idea. And I'm ok with that for a little while.


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