A full weekend at home

Although it was a sunny weekend, it wasn't very warm. Nevertheless, Jeff and I ventured out on Saturday. First to Meijer - joy of joys. But we had no groceries. Ate sandwiches at home, and then checked 2 more breweries off our list. The Walldorf Brewpub (also known as the Hastings Brewpub) in Hastings Michigan offered some tasty brews and pretty cool bar/restaurant atmosphere. Jeff had the IPA (suprise surprise) and I had the Sunset Wheat. Both were solid beers. The menu looked pretty good, but we were just there for the beer. Then back to GR to visit Schmoz. This place is pretty divey. They don't have food, with the exception of free peanuts and popcorn. The place was dead - it's kind of an awkward location, there's construction blocking the entrance, and as I said, the place was a dive. The beer was ok - not awesome. But the bartender and former bartender come bar regular were very nice. We ended up chatting with some of the locals. If it were closer, we'd go more often. Came home, had a delightful meal and watched a movie.

Most of Saturday I was contending with stomach cramps, which have plagued me all day today as well. I won't gross you with the details, but let's just say it's a good thing we had nothing planned today! All that travel, being sick and eating out caught up with me. Ouch. But it gave me a reason to just craft. I made 2 more necklaces and a purse. Plus took pictures of a few of my other recent creations. I'll post them on my etsy site tomorrow.

I also decided to switch up my runs. I've been a little freaked out about my 10K being only 2 weeks away, since this week was supposed to be a lot of miles and I was sick and crazy busy. I was then planning on running a 5K in June. Both races have both options, so I realized, why not change the order? So, in 2 weeks, I'm doing the 5K at the Dexter Ann Arbor run. Most of my short runs in the last month or so have been 10 min miles or faster, so I'm feeling confident. Then Jess and I are going to do the Kalamazoo Klassic 10K. It's got a wicked hill in the middle, but we can at least practice the route a couple times before June 20.

Getting ready to grill some salmon and fresh asparagus, and hoping it actually stays put in my stomach!


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