Solitary = Productive

Today I have a day to myself, and I've gotten so much done!! Let me qualify: so much FUN stuff done. Forget cleaning, today I'm doing stuff for me! Got up at 7:30 and ate eggs with Jeff. Cleaned up the kitchen a bit (ok, some cleaning today) because the dishes were exploding from the sink. He left with Rick Van to head to the Tigers game in the D. I showered, went to the post office to mail off some jewelry to a friend who is nicely supporting my habit, plus a little something for Stacy (yep, Stacy, something is coming in the mail for you). Then went to Field's and bought a couple little things I needed for my afternoon craft project. Then on to Target where I finally spent my gift card (plus maybe a little extra) on a 5 quart Calphalon dutch oven. It's a nice medium size pot the likes of which I don't own. Next on to Meijer to do a little grocery shopping. Home for lunch.

Then I made a really cool messenger bag. A couple weeks ago I bought this really awesome early 60's inspired print and it inspired me to make a messenger bag (thank you to the free instructions I found online). It turn out AWESOME!! The only thing I don't LOVE is the strap. I ran out of liner fabric and bough a cream cloth strap and then sewed the remaining exterior fabric on it. It looks fine, but I'd prefer there to be more exterior fabric or the liner on the backside of the strap. Oh well. In general, I'm insanely happy with how it turned out. I took a self photo with my camera, but my new computer doesn't have a place to insert the memory card, and I don't know where my USB cable is for my camera. I'll update pics later.

Then I went BACK to Meijer and bought flowers, which are still sitting in my car. I will plant a couple pots tomorrow. I'm doing pinks and yellows this year.

Then I putzed around a bit, chatted with Jess, checked my email and decided I needed to enjoy the outdoors. So I strapped on my running shoes and decided to go for a short run. In general it was great. I decided to do short and fast. I have a 2.4/2.5 mile route ( I don't know exactly because it's on a trail and I have to kind of guess where I turn around on Anyways, the fastest I've ever made it to the turnaround is 12:30 - today I did it in 11:30. Woo! Stopped for a quick breather and turned back. It's more uphill on the way back and I had to stop 2x. This is the 6th day I've worked out this week and I was feeling it. At the top of my neighborhood, I pushed it hard and made it back in 24:17. I think my previous best was around 26, so I'm pretty psyched. I wish I didn't have to stop. I think it's in part because I was listening to music instead of focusing on regulating my breathing. And my legs were tired. Still a sub 10 min mile, though, so I'm pretty excited.

Now I'm all showered, and am thawing some shrimp that I think I will grill and put on a salad. And we have one Oberon left with my name on it.

All in all, it was a great day. The only thing missing was Jeff, but truth be told, I might not have gotten all that done if he was here (sorry, babe, it's true). Now I have all day tomorrow with him to be outside and plant my little garden.


  1. Sounds like heaven from start to finish!! I'm glad you had a good day--good mix of creativity, retail therapy and exercise!

  2. :) i like your blog and i like you.


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