Percolating Thoughts

I spent some time talking about work plans with my therapist. As I was chattering on about needing to plan for all contingencies but not really being sure exactly what I wanted to do, I said, I should just stop thinking. She said I was on to something. She said sometimes when you're not consciously thinking about things, your subconscious is busy percolating, and often you come to realization when you're not expecting it. She suggested I just not think and give myself a break. It's hard for me to take a break even when I'm taking a break. My mind is always thinking through possibilities and what ifs and it is exhausting! So, I'm going to try to take my own (and my therapist's) advice and just let things stew for a while without actually consciously thinking about them. And I'm going to work on letting things just happen the way they're supposed to happen (or not happen).


  1. That is good advice! Both you and your therapist are wise women. I can't wait to see what bubbles up from your percolating! :)


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