Making plans

I've spent the last 14 months avoiding making any plans, you know, just in case....Well, no more. I've wasted too much time planning for something that frankly I doubt will happen and not enough time planning actual, concrete things. So - today we're making plans for good, fun things.

Plan 1: run a half marathon. I'm training for the Dexter Ann Arbor Half on June 6. My official training starts Tuesday. Last weekend I ran 5 miles and felt great (because I was going SLOW), so it gave me some confidence. I'm a little worried because my left foot hurts from crunching it trying to do a stupid jump through in yoga a few weeks ago. But, I'll just have to ice it after I run. I'm nervous, but excited.

Plan 2: take a vacation. We've decided to cash in some hotel points and go on a road trip to Canada. Most likely to Montreal. We've never been and it's technically a foreign location. So why not? We're planning to leave after I finish my half on June 6 (since we'll be on the east side of the state, therfore closer to Canada) and probably come back on the 10th (or maybe the 11th).

Plan 3: adopt a dog. Jeff has it in his head that he wants a basset. I really like bassets, but don't feel like we HAVE to get a basset. But we've applied to both the Michigan and Ohio rescue leagues. We really can't have a dog with behavior issues - so I'm a little worried about adopting. But there are good dogs who need homes, so I just don't think I can justify getting a new puppy.

So yeah. I'm feeling good about these plans.


  1. Excellent plans! Good work my friend, I'm proud of you for no longer putting your life on hold, "just in case." Love you!!


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