Running against the wind

I did it - my first long slow run on my way to completing a half marathon. I sucked up my willpower and bundled up to run in the cold, wind. Thankfully it was sunny! And not super early (11 am). I set out intending to run 4 miles but I just felt so good that I ended up running 5. I actually could have easily kept going, but I knew Jeff was waiting for lunch (and frankly, I was getting hungry). It was a slow run - 12 min/mile - but it was still running. I didn't stop even once - not even to walk. AND, 1.5 was in snow (which was a challenge for the calves).

It gave me the confidence to go forth with my training. I'm a bit worried about the logistics of running long distances before work (just because it takes me so long and I have my 40 minute drive to work), but I suppose I'll just have to suck it up and make it happen.


  1. You are AWESOME!!!!! Seriously, spontaneously adding an extra mile to your route and still feeling like you could do more? That is proof that you have the physical and mental stamina to kick ass and complete the half!


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