Start training for a half marathon: check!!

This was my first week of training and I ROCKED it!

Monday: 45 minutes of some seriously tough sweaty yoga

Tuesday: Scheduled for 2 miles @ 12:07. Actually ran 2 miles @12:00 on random level 5 on the treadmill.

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Scheduled for 5 miles (1 mile warm up jog, 3 miles @ 10:29, 1 mile cool). Actually ran 4.6 miles @ 10:20. Then yoga for 40 minutes.

Friday: 30 minutes on the elliptical. 3o minutes of strength training focused on the arms.

Saturday: supposed to be a rest, but I had to move up my long run due to conflicts on Sunday. Supposed to run (sunday) 6 miles @ 12:07. Actually ran 5.5 miles @ 11:30.

Sunday: REST!


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