It's my (pity) party...

I've been super proud of myself for having such a good attitude since January. With the exception of last week. But this week I was SO back on track. I was moving forward with my plans to run a half marathon and to just live my life for me (and Jeff). And then WHAM! injury. Near the end of my run on Wednesday (which was a glorious sunny day and I was running 5 miles easily - though slowly - with my good friend Jen), my foot started really hurting. And then really really hurting. Then shooting pain such that I had to stop and walk. Which also hurt very badly. And it's been like that ever since. The athletic trainer at work suspects its peroneal tendonitis. I'm going to a sports doc tomorrow (because, as my friend, Suz, says, you don't want to mess with foot injuries, especially if you're a runner).

Regardless of the prognosis, I'm out of commission for a while. I mean, I can barely walk. Thankfully it's not searing pain if I'm not putting weight on it...mostly it feels achy and tingly (kind of like when your foot falls asleep). But walking....OUCH!!!!!

To top it off, I'm on CD39 and am in fact NOT pregnant. So, I was running to prove to myself that my body could do something I wanted it to do. And now I can't even do that. So fuck you body. Fuck you.

To my friends and family who are getting sick of my whining, I apologize. But this sucks. I'm trying REALLY hard to find the bright side...I guess I can work on getting my arms ripped?


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