Patience is a virtue...

...or something like that. Jeff was asking me last night if I ever thought I'd be so unhappy that I couldn't exercise. Growing up, through college, right after I was happy NOT exercising. But it is SUCH a part of my life now - especially running. I've had some really terrible runs, where my legs feel like lead, my heart feels like its going to explode out of my chest, I've wanted to pass out, throw up, cry...more often than not there is something emotional or mental that I'm working through on those runs. So even if I feel like crap, I've come to grips with something.... And then there are the runs where I feel so connected to myself, to my breath, to my legs, to the ground, the sky, the world around me and I just don't want to stop. But when I do stop, I want to cry I'm so happy. That's why I run - for those days.

And that's why this foot thing sucks. I'm super proud of myself for not pushing too hard (again, I vividly remember the days when I avoided physical exertion at any cost, and now look at me). But I have still exercised (and my arms are taking the wrath), and I've worn the stupid boot, which seemed a bit excessive. It's been a week since I got the boot and today I decided I would wear my running shoes, with new insoles and ace bandage. It started out fine. But then it started hurting. A lot. Too much walking. Too tight bandage. Too new insoles. So the boot had to make a reappearance. Sigh.


  1. Oh, I LOVE what you wrote about why you run! So true! And boo for the boot still being in your life, but I'm glad you put it back on.


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