First mother's day

All in all, it was a pretty good day with Mister Graham yesterday.  We both took a long nap in the morning (there are a couple pictures in a previous post).  Jeff and I were able to watch a couple episodes of "It's Always Sunny" on DVD.  Graham napped long enough for us to have an uninterrupted lunch (leftover steak on sandwiches - yum).  Graham and I went for a long walk in the afternoon.  But he didn't nap very much in the afternoon which meant he was awake/fussy/crying pretty much all evening.  He slept long enough for us to make dinner, but not to eat it and was up after that.  I tried to remain's hard because when he's like that he just doesn't want to be put down and it means I pretty much can't do anything....when I was starting to get really tired and he was still fussing (around 9:30) rather than get super upset, I put him in his car seat and went for a 20 minute drive.  That did the trick!  I got home, took him in his car seat downstairs, grabbed a quick shower and went to bed.  He slept until 1 am!  Thank goodness!

We're also looking to buy a swing.  He doesn't like laying down flat unless he's TOTALLY asleep when I put him down.  So he tends to make noises for most of the night, which I can usually settle down by jiggling the crib a bit, but it stills means waking frequently.  He woke crying at 3:30, I changed his diaper and then fed him for a few minutes and he fell back asleep, which is a little unusual.  Then awake at 5:45 and very hungry.  I've been up since then, but he's asleep now in the Moby wrap (which is great, but he's getting big and heavy).

Here's a few pictures from Mother's Day:


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