Letting it go

The last few weeks I've been working on letting things go and just trying to enjoy being a mom, which is something I've been wanting for some time now.  Lo and behold, I'm feeling better and Graham seems to be responding positively as well.  We still don't have a schedule, but we are getting some routines down...mostly.  Bed time is still hit or miss.  Some nights he goes right down without fuss.  Others...not so much.  But once he's down, he's actually sleeping!  Lately, he's only getting up once during the night.  Sometimes he'll fall right back asleep his feeding, but other nights he's wide awake.  It's not so bad since it's only happening once a night.  It's even better when I've had a nap during the day.  We still don't have consistent daytime naps, though he seems to be really tired the day after being awake a lot.  Case in point - he's slept almost all day today after sleeping 7 straight hours last night.  But he was awake for a lot of yesterday, so today he's clearly exhausted.  I really appreciated last night's long, uninterrupted sleep, with the exception being my huge, very sore and leaking breasts (sorry if this is TMI).  But I felt rested today even though I've been up since 4:45!

I'm nervous about returning to work in 3 weeks without being on a schedule, but I'm trying to let that go.  Every new working mom has spent time being exhausted upon returning to work, and I'm certainly no exception.  Luckily I have some great support at work and at home.

In other news - I went for a jog and it was awesome!!!  I still hate running in the heat/sun, so I think I'm going to have to try to squeeze in some short runs in the mornings before work...hopefully!

Oh yeah, and Graham is still pretty much the cutest baby ever! 

And my dog is funny - check him out trying to get a fly:


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