Play time and Bath time

Graham seems to enjoy (usually - and for short periods of time) laying in his activity mat.  Now that he's getting more alert and seeing things better, he makes a lot of happy cooing noises while waving his hands and kicking his legs.  Cooper insists upon being as close to us as possible when laying on the floor and even tries to get in the play mat with Graham....after being pushed away, he settled for laying on the outside.

Graham also really likes bath time.  It's become an evening ritual.  When he starts getting really fussy, down we go for a bath.  He's very calm laying in the warm water and we get 15 minutes of peace every evening.  After bath time, we nurse and then go to bed (sometimes quicker than others).  I think we're both beginning to like this routine.  (A side note on routines - my lactation consultant talked the other day about routine vs. schedule - that was a really important distinction for me to realize.  We're actually getting into a routine, even though the schedule isn't quite set yet.  But the routine is the first step towards getting into a schedule, so we're getting there).  See how chubby he is?!  BTW - Graham will probably hate me some day for putting these pictures online...


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