Road Tripping

This weekend we took our first road to Ann Arbor.  We had some really great moments and some really typical moments.

-the baby and the dog were both content during the car rides to and from AA (no crying from either of them).
-Graham was pretty chill in AA - although we had to carry him for some of the time while pushing an empty stroller
-it was perfect weather, so we walked all over AA
-Jeff and I were able to enjoy each other's company (and lunch at Blimpie Burger) without having to deal with a too fussy baby
-Someone else (Marsha and Harold) got to deal with some of Graham's fussiness, both giving me some validation that he indeed has his moments and giving me and my arms and back a much needed break
-Graham was a perfect little angel at the wedding - slept through the ceremony, and was awake but content during dinner and the reception.

-We got some really good smiles from him Sunday morning

-Graham screamed in Whole Foods - the whole time
-he was very fussy all Friday night and didn't go to sleep until 10:30 (when I was about at my breaking point from being exhausted - no nap and lots of walking will do that)
-he fussed quite a bit Sunday night at home, but luckily I had napped that afternoon
-Cooper figured out how to squeeze through the deck rails (right next to the steps it was slightly wider) to propel himself 2 feet off the deck and after a squirrel

All in all, though, it was a good first road trip with my boys.


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