This weekend

On Saturday, Jeff headed to Ann Arbor for a football game, so Graham and I were left to our own devices.  He's been sleeping all night for the past 4 nights, which has been delightful.  This weekend, he slept until 6 on Saturday and 6:25 on Sunday.  Amazing!!  Saturday morning, we ate, walked Cooper and headed to Meijer to stock up for our Thanksgiving meal (I'll post about our feast after the big day).  Graham always gets smiles and comments on his cuteness from people wherever we go, especially Meijer, where all the grandmas gravitate towards him.

Then Jess and Natalie came over after Graham's morning nap.  Poor Jess is dealing with a baby who is not happy unless she's moving or eating.  I know that situation all too well, though Graham had mostly moved out of that stage by the time he was Natalie's age.  She just decided to wait until she was older to be a crank.  I'm hopeful for Jess that this phase will pass quickly.  Here's a picture that pretty much epitomizes what each of us are dealing with right now:

Thankfully, both babies were well enough behaved that we managed to go to lunch, shop for fabric (I got fabric to make a stocking for Graham), and then go for a walk.  We even got to talk for a while, in between shushing Natalie and entertaining Graham.  It was a long overdue excursion with Jess, and I think we were both grateful for the time together!

Sunday was a day filled with laundry.  Seriously, insane amounts of laundry.  We'll be cleaning for Thanksgiving throughout the week, along with some pre-meal preparation.  Graham is getting really close to actually crawling.  He rolls and does the army crawl with a fair amount of proficiency, and keeps making beelines to the entertainment center.  We've plugged up the outlets and installed latches on the cupboard containing the trash and cleaning supplies.  We really need something to block the electronics. I'll leave with a few pictures of Graham all bundled up for our evening walk:


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