Thoughts on Baby Gear - part 2

Jess reminded me that I left off some key baby must-haves.  I was trying to think of all the stuff that comes with having a baby, which needless to say, is a LOT.  So of course I couldn't remember it all when trying to type it.  So here are some more thoughts about baby stuff:

  • SwaddleMe swaddlers are fantastic.  Remember that previous post about swaddling one's baby to get them to settle down?  This is the quickest way to do it.  Or a Miracle Blanket, which is a little pricier and a little more complicated to use, but works fantastically.  You must buy these.  But here's my beef: they don't come in big sizes and some of us have big babies who still need to be swaddled after they've outgrown the SwaddleMe.  
  • Another way to swaddle is using a receiving blanket.  But, here's the key, you really need a square blanket.  Ideally one with a little stretch.  Like these.  I didn't have these.   I had some Carter receiving blankets that just didn't do the trick.  Although, I will say, they came in handy like burb rags.  And to bundle him up in light layers. 
  • If you have access to a Moby Wrap, use it.  The pro - it is a great way to wear your newborn baby.  It's warm and cozy and their squishy little bodies fit right in.  The con - they are complicated to get on, especially if you're doing it in a hurry.  And your husband might not use it because it's a little "hippy." 
  • Generic diapers work just as well as the name brand.  Meijer brand or Target brand are pretty equal to each other, and definitely just as good as name brand.  As long as people are buying you diapers early on, I recommend trying several different brands.  We found the Huggies to be too narrow (especially the Huggies Natural).  I didn't like the way the regular Huggies felt.  I liked the Pampers a lot, but not any more than the Meijer brand.  So that's what we buy.  
I'm sure there are things yet again that I have forgotten, but for now, these are my thoughts on baby gear.


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