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The title of this blog is a bit misleading.  I love literature.  I miss literature.  Since getting pregnant with Graham I think I've read 3 non-baby books.  And I have approximately 25 sitting on my book shelf waiting to be read (or really, waiting for Graham to pull them down and eat them).  But I've read a number of baby books.  I mentioned in a previous post that I read and reread and sometimes get a little obsessed with what the "experts" say.  Case in point, when we got Cooper, I read several Cesar Millan books and became convinced that Cesar was preaching the gospel of dog training.  And I still kind of think that he is.  But you have to be willing to follow his guidance to the tee in order for it to be effective.  And that's just when it comes to doggy ownership.

Learning how to deal with babies who have vastly different personalities is a whole other can of worms.  And here's my one big piece of advice for new moms:

Read about how to cope with being a parent BEFORE you're a parent.
Read several different sources.  Talk to you parent friends.  Arm yourself with an arsenal of information but don't put too much stock into one as THE right answer for whatever issue you're currently dealing with.  Read about creating schedules.  Read about soothing.  Read about sleep habits.  Read about feeding.  Read about dealing with the ups and downs of being a sleep-deprived hormonally-imbalanced self-conscious unsure new mom.

Here are some books that either I have read or have been recommended to me:
The Happiest Baby on the Block
And watch the DVD if you have access to it.  Swaddling, shushing, swinging, sucking and ....oh crap, I can't remember the 5th "S."  Anyways, knowing the 5 S's before you're tearing your hair out will save you from the feeling that you hate your baby (read this).

On Becoming Babywise
It is super rigid in it's parent-directed feeding approach, but I love the idea that you can put your baby on a routine.  And your baby will like it.  And so will you (assuming you are like me and you like routines).  Ignore that it's written by an old man (doctor or not) who clearly was never a mother.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Yep.  Pretty much.  Another book that agrees that a routine is good for babies.  And lets you know that a sleep routine is totally achievable and that sometimes disruption in sleep is a totally normal developmental phenomenon (like when your baby who has been sleeping through the night for a month and half decides at 4 months that sleeping through the night is totally for the birds).

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer
I have not read it, but I hear it also promotes putting your baby on a routine.  Had we not gotten to a good place with Graham, I would have read this too.

Baby 411
This book is a great reference tool and I have used it many times for many different reasons.  My only complaint (and this might sound ridiculous) is its size and shape.  It's narrow and fat which means when you turn to a page, it won't stay open.  When you have a screaming baby in your arms, you need a book to stay open.


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