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Last week we were at my parents house and Graham took a liking to my mom's Buddha Board.  I was painting on it and he seemed very interested.  So we set him up at the table and he immediately knew what to do; he held the paint brush in his hand, dipped in water and starting painting.  It entertained him for some time.  The next day, my mom and I headed to Michael's and got him some watercolors and paper.  He has a little more difficulty painting, because he has to dip in water, then paint, THEN paper.  That third step eludes him a bit.  Nevertheless, this is an activity that he truly enjoyed.  Perhaps we'll have another artist in the family!  The playdoh didn't go quite as well - he tried to eat it.  Perhaps he's still a bit too young for that.

It was a hot day and after a lot of painting and playing, there was nothing left to do but chill with mom and Cooper on the couch.


  1. Love it!!! I love doing art projects with Nay Nay, and between you and your mom I know you guys will do some awesome stuff. I bet G will love finger painting. :)


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