Graham put up with his winter hat, even though he didn't love it.  But I bought him this summer hat (only no tie), and he hates it.  Hates hates it.  So I sewed on an elastic band to go under his chin thinking that would keep it on.  He figured out how to get it off and looked at me like, "F*** you, mom.  You're going to have to better than that if you want this ridiculous thing to stay on my head."  Luckily it was last season's color and I only paid a dollar for it, so no harm, no foul.

He is, however, very interested in baseball hats.  Grandpa Harold has a particularly interesting hat.

I bought him his own baseball hat.  It doesn't stay on his head for long periods of time, but longer than the sun hat.  I think the icing on the cake, however, is what he DOES want to wear on his head: these little felt baskets from Ikea that my mom bought (one for veggies and one for fruit).  He could care less about the felt food contained within the baskets, but wearing the baskets on his head is apparently the cool thing to do.
Please forgive the quality of this photo - it came from my phone:


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