I think I have firmly come to the conclusion that I don't particularly like pink. I mean, I'll wear pink (not often) but I don't love it. And I don't want it in my house. Or in my office for that matter.

Jess and I spent an afternoon shopping for a new bedroom for her, which meant standing in front of the paint chips at home depot for some time - which was awesome. And then heading to Bed Bath and Beyond to find new bedding. Which we found, but decided to head to the mall to check JC Penneys for something less expensive. JC Penneys had nothing good but Pottery Barn of course did. And not only that, but it was on CLEARANCE! And cheaper than the stuff at BB&B!! Score!! I love helping others find bargains :)

We also got some home decor items at Michaels (the main reason why Jeff was glad that he wasn't invited on our shopping excursion). I'm really for the most part very happy with my decor. But it needs to be more focused and I need to get rid of most of the pink!!!

So - I'm thinking accenting the cool blue and stark black in the living room with warmer reds and lime green, which will carry into the bedroom which has red as a focus, accented with green. I like the idea of carrying over colors into different rooms. If I love those colors, why shouldn't they be throughout my house?

In my office I think I'd like to bring in dark purple, yellow, teal and green. Maybe some orange. Because I also like those colors. And get rid of the pink.


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