Weekend o' friends

This was a crazy weekend. Well, I suppose there have been wilder weekends, but this was right up there compared to our usual weekends now that we're old :) Sadly, I left the camera at home but that's ok. Some highlights of the weekend include:
Driving across the state and back.
Crazy stories that make up Ken Jordan's life (told by both Ken and Stacy).
A trip to Quality Dairy for old time's sake.
Staying up past 2 in the morning and NOT getting drunk (I don't think Stacy, Jeff and Ken can say the same).
Wandering around Ann Arbor with Jeff in the freezing sunshine.
Giving Courtney and Zach their Christmas presents (finally).
A winning hoops game.
Dinner with Megan and Carl.
Good conversations with my awesome husband.
New recipe for dinner.


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