What's for dinner?

I've taken to not only thinking about my meals for the week, but actually writing them on a marker board on my fridge and then shopping accordingly. It makes for more adventurous meals because you can plan ahead for ingredients you might not otherwise have in the fridge. Plus shopping once a week is more economical...usually. Anyways, Jeff and I were just commenting that I've made some really great meals lately, but now we can't remember what they were! So, I'm going to chronicle my culinary adventures. Not only will this serve as a way to remember what we're eating that's good (and the few things that are not so good), it will also hopefully inspire my faithful readers. :) You will note, however, that we have our old standbys, which are quick and easy for those nights when we're working late, going to yoga, stopping by Founders, etc.

This week:
Potato Leek Soup
Beef Tacos
Thai Chicken Stirfry with Rice
Roasted Salmon and Sweet Potatoes
Cuban Black Bean stew with rice (leftover from previous meal with rice)
Tortellini with marinara


  1. Didn't eat the salmon - decided to move that to the next week.

    Cuban Black Bean stew was delicious, but not Jeff's fav (I don't know why others don't love black beans as much as I do!)

    The thai stirfry would have been better without the soy sauce. I need to invest in some fish sauce...

    Potato Leek Soup = delicious!


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