6 weeks to go

I had another appointment today at exactly 34 weeks.  The heartbeat was healthy, but slower than the last 5 times (which were all 144 bpm).  This time was 126 bpm.  My mom went with me and got to hear his little whoosh whoosh whoosh, which, as always, was a great sound to hear.  I apparently am still measuring fine, I guess.  I was about to ask him what my measurement was and got distracted (by what, now I can't recall).  But I did remember to ask him if he could tell what position the baby was in.  He gave a little squeeze down low by my pubic bone and said, yep, there's his head.  So - he's head down and will likely stay that way until making his way out!  That would also explain all the commotion these days by my ribs - his butt and legs are kicking!  As well it explains the pressure down low - it's that head!  Let's hope it's not too big!


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