Birth Plan

I'm starting to think about this whole birth plan and here's what I've come up with so far:

-Me and Jeff only at the hospital until after baby Teague arrives (that even includes the waiting room, but for sure no one in the delivery room).
-Being free to move around - it's apparently better for getting the baby into position and can help you work through contractions.  So, walking, standing, squatting, kneeling...there are various positions that can be more comfortable than being in a bed.
-Drug-free (eek!), because I'd rather avoid the side affects of epidurals and other interventions (plus I'm curious to see what my body is capable of).
-No artificial induction - if labor stalls, I'd rather do acupuncture (which, thankfully, is an option I have available to me at my hospital).
-No C-section unless we're in dire straits.
-I want to meet my baby immediately after he's born - I want his little body on mine, slime and all!
-I really really want to be able to breastfeed immediately (or very soon thereafter) and continue that for hopefully his first year.

Now, I recognize that I also need to be flexible, but I think it's good to go in with an idea of what I want in an ideal situation.  That first one I won't budge on - Jeff and I created this baby alone, and we're bringing him into the world alone (well, there will obviously be medical staff).  But I just really want to have some time for the three of us to bond without distraction, and not worry about those chomping at the bit to meet him.  I want to be able to call our family and friends to share our good news without other people in the room.  And, my dear dear friends and family - I'm sure you'll all know when we're hospital bound, but PLEASE do not call and/or text either of us asking about progress.  Chances are good our phones will be off anyways, but still.  That will drive me up a wall.  You will all be notified in due course, and you'll all have your chance to meet him, I promise!!!

With six weeks until the due date, it's time I start verbalizing these desires so that everyone involved is on the same page.  As with everything I do, this is researched and well thought out, and thankfully I have a husband who is incredibly supportive of the things I want.  And I'm so glad he wants to be in the thick of it.  I know he wants to be as helpful as possible (including cutting the cord and getting down and dirty during the birth process).  I'm a lucky woman!


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