Are we done yet?

I spent this whole weekend doing baby stuff and I'm STILL not done!  It's fun, but a little overwhelming.  And usually results in me being exhausted, with aching hips.  But I suppose exciting nevertheless.

Saturday, Jeff and I went to our childbirth class.  I didn't learn anything groundbreaking since I've been reading about this whole process.  But it was nice hearing things presented by a real human being (a labor and delivery nurse, no less).  I think it was helpful for Jeff, who hasn't been obsessively researching this whole process.  Plus, we got a tour of the birthing center at the hospital, so now we know where to go when it's time.  I also feel reassured that I have a great partner (not that I really doubted that), but seeing a couple of the significant others in the class made me truly realize how awesome Jeff really is!  I'm still really nervous about this process, but Jeff is just being super calm and supportive, which is exactly what I'm going to need!

Today I worked in the room some more.  Jeff pulled out the wall anchors from the curtains.  The screws just didn't want to go back in after taking them down for painting.  So, now we have to spackle, paint and re-drill to hang up the curtains.  What a pain.  I unpacked a few more baby supplies (including the pack and play, and the baby bather), as well as washed all his tiny clothes and sheets!  I also packed (mostly) my "go bag" and started packing the diaper bag.

We have a couple more things left to buy (like the crib mattress and some bins for the closet) but we're SO CLOSE to being set (I think, I hope).  Man do babies come with a lot of stuff!!!  We need to do a little rearranging on the book shelf upstairs to make room for some baby gear, too.

Here are some pics of me at 35 weeks (Jeff used the camera for the first time - nice shots!)


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