Almost full term

Well - things are coming together.  I will post pics of the nursery very soon.  It's all but finished (just missing a mattress and a few items on the wall), but I finished the quilt which meant my sewing supplies officially made their way to the upstairs closet.  I'm a little sad about the loss of any sort of craft space, but I know that I'm not really going to be sewing for a while as I wrap my brain around being a full-time working mom.  I love my house, but I'm wishing we had one more room - either a bedroom or a den or something.  Things are about to get cramped!  At least his room is nice and big, so the playroom will be his bedroom.  And I'm ok with that.  I don't need to be near the TV at all times, and in fact it might be a nice change of pace to be focused on something other than re-runs or Sports Center.  I'm also looking forward to maybe doing some reading that is NOT pregnancy related once the baby arrives. 

Anyways, I'm almost full term and I'm definitely starting to feel it.  My belly is big and kind of achy.  Last night I was awoken with a MAJOR calf cramp.  Poor Jeff - he thought I was going into labor as we were both jolted from the bed with my outcry.  Yoga is still helping me to stretch out because all the sitting in front of a computer is not helping with the aches and pains of a giant belly.

Speaking of giant belly, check it out:

36 weeks, 4 days

Some pics from Wednesday after Jeff and I got home from our birthday dinner.  Cooper was VERY unhappy when we left - he hates it when we leave in the evening, but he was happy when we got home:


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